This next cartooning resource I’d like to highlight is ProkoTV. Proko includes an impressive number of instructional videos by artist Stan Prokopenko. Each video is filled with tips that serve as an introduction to life drawing, and make it fun and easy to keep practicing the fundamentals.


Click here to check out a video or two.



I’ve decided to add a feature to my site that includes resources and information for people interested in cartooning. The items I suggest are resources I’ve used and benefited from.

Draw Space

The first resource I’d like to highlight is, Drawspace. Drawspace is a great websites for those interested in improving their drawing ability. It has free resources, lessons and forums and allows you to track your progress through it’s courses. You have free access to hundreds of downloadable, professional drawing lessons that are ideal for artists of all levels.  Check it out if you get a chance. You won’t be disappointed!