Meet the Characters

The School:
Home of the Lions! Lincoln Middle School (LMS) is a middle school for kids in 6th, 7th or 8th grade.

The Staff:
 Mrs. Banks
Has a passion for teaching and loves to impart knowledge anywhere and in any way she can. The students think that she’s a little odd, but she is by far their favorite teacher!
Principal Harris
Is the school’s principal and an all-around nice guy! Even though he always appears stressed, Principal Harris loves working at Lincoln Middle School.
Ms. Yasso
Is the “new” teacher in room 106. She is enthusiastic, optimistic and the students don’t think she will make it past her first year.
Coach Armstrong
Is the school’s gym teacher. Coach Armstrong is a martial arts enthusiast and loves everything related to the armed services.
Mr. Hall
Is Lincoln Middle School’s most misunderstood teacher. He’s a confident guy that likes to call things as he sees them.
Nurse Nancy
Is the school’s Nurse. She’s kindhearted and means well but her blunt comments and straightforward approach can be disheartening to some. She is not your typical school nurse.
Chef, as he likes to be called, is the school’s cook. He loves his job as the school’s chef, but sometimes dreams of working at an upscale restaurant.
The Substitute-
Has a “take no prisoners” approach when it comes to dealing with her students’ mischievous ways.

The Parents:

Mrs. Hill
Has the world’s most difficult job. She is Stewie’s Manager of Miracles (or MOM for short). She doesn’t have a lot of patience and doesn’t believe in the concept of “spare the rod and spoil the child”.

The Students:
Stewart Hill
Stewart or “Stewie”, wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. He is a frequent visitor to the principal’s office.
David Rios
David is Stewie’s best friend and probably his best hope of making it out of middle school.
Brandy Bruce
Brandy is everyone’s friend. In addition to being friendly, Brandi is as sharp as a tack, outwitting classmates and teachers alike.
Sonny Williams
Sonny is Brandi’s best friend and Chef Andrew’s worst critic.

Eddie Valentine

Eddie is crabby, lazy, sleepy and a little bit of loner.


The Creator of Blackboard Daze


I am a cartoonist who has been in the education field for over 15 years: first as a volunteer, then a teacher and currently as an administrator. My cartoons are inspired by my daily interactions with students and educational professionals.

Interests and Hobbies:

I love art, comedy and people. From these, I am inspired daily.

6 thoughts on “Meet the Characters

  1. SO glad I found you! I think I linked to you from someone’s blog on Freshly Pressed.
    LOVE school and school comedy. Used to work as a teacher’s asst in a public preschool…am on my way to teaching Communications at the Community College level. Definitely following you and looking forward to the upcoming laughter!


      • It was originally going to be high school. Life got in the way and I took a 20 year detour from finishing college so preschool was my “foot in the door” of the school district. Once I realized I couldn’t work in the same four walls until retirement (teachers never change rooms, right?), I knew I needed a different plan. 🙂


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